Last night was my first run since the first day of training. I met my coaches, Jack and Laine, in SoBe for a 3 mile run the beach. I stretched well before the run; applied Tiger Balm on my shins and massaged them with this thing called “The Stick” that Laine had handy. It looked like a rolling pin with massage beads. Felt good and I felt confident going into the run. We began at a good steady pace, after about ten minutes I barely felt my shins. Soon I began to fall behind from Laine and Jack…..I sped it up and forced myself to remain at their pace. I started losing control of my breathing and I was no longer enjoying the view. I was too busy concentrating on the ground and hearing myself huff and puff. Then I began to feel the pain on my right shin again! After the grueling run, we headed back to Laine and Jack’s apartment for some refreshments and stretching. My left shin felt fine but my right shin hurt enough for the both of them! I rubbed some more Tiger Balm on it and headed home to ice it. This morning when I got up from bed I fell back cause my right shin was stiff….it was the most painful it’s ever been. I wore sneakers and iced it several times throughout the day. Although extremely painful, I focused on stretching at the gym and when I got home. Let’s pray for a better day tomorrow.