Yesterday’s training session was fantastic!!! I applied Tiger Balm on my right shin (good stuff, good stuff) and stretched well, focusing on both my calves and shins. This was my first run using orthodics. I started off power walking to slowly build up my pace to run. I found it difficult to find my pace on the tread as I am not in control of its momentum. I also found myself locking my right knee so as to prevent my shin from hurting….I’ve noticed this in my last few runs. Anyway, once I found my walking pace I increased the speed. Once I found my pace at that speed, I continued to increase the tread’s speed, subsequently staying at 5.4. It was an attainable, yet challenging enough speed. I was still locking my knee a bit, though. The 3 miles flew by as I thought to myself “…Dale que tu puedes, Dale que tu puedes, Dale que tu puedes…”, one of the very many thoughts that motivate me while I run!
Both calves/shins felt sore afterwards, I stretched them again and applied some more of the “good stuff”. I guess the orthotics did the trick…...I am wearing heels today! Woo Hooo!!!!