Today’s run was such a flop! I only have one hour for lunch so I sacrificed the Tiger Balm and some stretching (I should know better by now!) and hit the tread….baaaad move! My calves were screaming at me after half a mile…it was so obvious I was struggling! Frankie suggested I take it easy…I listened. I must admit though, since Saturday’s run I have not been stretching, icing my shins or tapping my feet regularly. Lesson learned here!

Between Joey, work, school, and my social life, I am finding it difficult to squeeze in practice runs during the week. Joey will be staying with his dad for a few weeks during the summer….that’s one thing off my plate to free up some time. Until then, I have devised a plan to add practice runs into my full plate. I live about 3 miles away from work; therefore, I am going to run to work at least twice during the week. I’ll leave my clothes in my car and have Angie (my neighbor/co-worker), take me home the night before. I’ll be able to stretch in the comfort of my own home and I’ll set out early enough to make it on time to freshen up and clock in by 9 a.m. Brilliant, eh?