Yesterday I saw Dr. Patrick Felton, a Sports Medicine Doctor, Podiatrist and Orthopedic Surgeon. He was recommended to me by Gabie, my Team In Training Mentor. Gabie had horrible shin splints and an inflamed nerve on her ankle. He cured her splints with custom orthotics and corrected the nerve. Gabie has done one marathon, one half-marathon, and four 5k’s all within a year of her surgery. This woman is a trooper! She inspires me to keep on truckin’!

Back to my story – Dr. Felton had me stand on the ground and examined my feet from every angle, then proceeded to examine my shins for tenderness. The cause of my shin splints is simply the mechanics of my foot, so as I figured, I am having custom orthotics made to correct them. In the interim, he gave me calf supports to wear for running and suggested I cross-training during the week in substitution of the shorter runs. I went in for x-rays and they revealed my excellent bone density (must be from all the cottage cheese I’ve been downing lately) and no stress fractures. Yee-haw! I nipped it in the bud! To boot, I received the worst news a shoe addict can ever hear - I have Runner’s Toe!!! It occurs when the nail is either pressed down too much on the bed or the nail tears from the bed itself, from running downhill (or bridge in my case). After a few months the nail will grow out and fall off. This was when I went psycho on Dr. Felton! He reassured that I will grow a new one, but then again, it can re-occur as I continue training! I know all you ladies out there are feeling me…it’s sandal season! I’m getting on the prenatal’s immediately!!!

For the love of the sport - For the love of the sport!!!