Gabie surprised us with a visit this morning. She wasn’t in the cheeriest mood….but what four year old is that early in the a.m.? She is doing well and has 10 more months of treatment to go. The outcome is very much on the positive side. We were all so happy to have her cheer us on!

This week's group training session was all about running efficiently. Gus is our new running coach – Laine is on CR (critical rest - firefighter’s lingo) after having coached two marathons this month! Gus and Jo-Ellen (walking coach) had us meet at the Tropical Park track for a form clinic. They lectured us on proper running form. They key is relaxation - our heads should be looking forward, not down (I look down all the time!), our upper bodies should lean forward just a bit, arms should swing naturally back and forth with hands unclenched (guilty of this too!), rotating our arms every so often to release the tension on our shoulders, hips should be in line with head and shoulders, feet should land lightly on our heel or mid-foot to roll forward onto the ball and push off with toes. Gus added that we should train in intervals – run 5 minutes, power walk 1 minute – to help conserve our energy.

We set off like a stampede of antelope! Gus and Jo critiqued us individually while on the track. No limp today!!! Gus did point out, however, that I run like a penguin – with my feet pointed out. My right foot especially tends to over-prononciate, therefore contributing to my shin splints. To correct my “waddle”, he had me place my right foot over a line on the track as a guide. It almost hurt to run with my feet forward but after a lap I started getting the hang of it. We ran about three miles – Piece of Pecan Pie!!!

Jo brought us PB&J sandwiches, bananas and watermelons to munch on during the nutrition clinic held by our teammate, Su-Nui, who is a nutritionist. Again, we learned more about that carb jelly stuff, which I have yet to try, and a few fuel tricks. The veteran runners shared their marathon experiences and gave us marathon day prep tips.

Fun session, Fun peeps, Fun times!!!