I am such a nut! I had the sudden urge to go for a run today – at NOON! It was the guilt from cheating myself out of 2 miles on Saturday. I went for 5 miles and came back with a farmer’s tan from my calf supports! I trained using the interval method, which is known as the Jeff Galloway Method.

Why does this method work?
By using muscles in different ways from the beginning, your legs keep their bounce as they conserve resources. When a muscle group, such as your calf, is used continuously step by step, it fatigues relatively soon. The weak areas get overused and force you to slow down later or scream at you in pain afterward. By shifting back and forth between walking and running muscles, you distribute the workload among a variety of muscles, increasing your overall performance capacity. For veteran marathoners, this is often the difference between achieving a time goal or not.
Walk breaks will significantly speed up recovery because there is less damage to repair. The early walk breaks erase fatigue, and the later walk breaks will reduce or eliminate overuse muscle breakdown.

Felt great! Felt proud! First 4th as a citizen! I'm an AmeriCAN!!!