Due to Dennis, Saturday’s group training session was cancelled. =( Jo gave us two options: Train with the Ft. Lauderdale group instead, or train with our group at the Key on Sunday. Sarah, Gabie and I signed up with the FTL group. We thought the change of venue would be refreshing. Didn’t make it though…Gabie texted me at 4 a.m. warning us not to train in the torrential weather. I was so disappointed….I slept in my running clothes!!!!

So Sunday it was…only the DEDICATED went to practice!!! j/k...j/k…If this gets out I’ll be pulverized! Training began at 6 a.m…Jo didn’t want us going up the Rickenbacker (you know, strong wind might knock us over, or even worse, we might mess up our hair! ), so we ran from Hobie Beach out to Sunday’s on the Bay and back, twice, two miles each way, totaling 8 miles… Yowsa! I had so much enthusiasm and energy built up that I was kickin’ serious butt! Shins are 80-90% recovered, but I am now feeling discomfort on my left hip joint. I began to feel it around mile 4 and I can recall that I felt it last week also. Ay yay yay! Gotta follow up with Dr. Felton. My orhotics should be ready soon.