Did 9 and was on time! Today’s route - Hobie Beach, out to Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove and back. Energy wise, I’ve had better days. I had to dig into my innermost strength and perseverance to get through today’s run. I didn’t load up on my carbs on Friday and I had a PB&B sandwich this morning. I wanted to stick to natural foods, but running a marathon is an un-natural thing to put your body through, so I’m gonna have to resort to power bars and carb gels for the energy. As far as pain is concerned – nonexistent! My calves and shins are beautiful (literally) and my hip joint didn’t flare up.

A pat on the back to all my ladies for pulling through! It’s all mental - The most wonderful thing about the human mind is its ability to forget almost immediately the awful things we put ourselves through. Call it repression in action, but I can’t wait until next week when we strive for 10 miles!