Sarah and I joined the Nike Running Club last night. Well, kinda. We made it an hour late and had to run on our own. You see, Sarah was distracted by my yakking, and being as oblivious as I am, I didn’t realize she was going the wrong way.

So on to the run. First run wearing my custom orthotics. It was a difficult start, I couldn’t fill my lungs with enough air and my form was sloppy for the first few miles. It wasn’t terribly hot but the humidity was enough to slow us down. The temperature cooled down after a 10 minute down pour (us runner’s love doing it in the rain!), and we picked up major speed! Focus, Form and Diligence…6 miles DONE!

Immediately after the run (by immediately I mean the run ended at the door!) we had dinner at Chicken Kitchen. Running tip: The more you tax your muscles, the more crucial it is to facilitate tissue repair by replacing the glycogen (the main carbohydrate storage material, which is stored in the liver and muscles for use when energy is required) that your body used to fuel the workout. Muscles are most hungry for glycogen restoration within 15-30 minutes after exercise. If you miss this window following an exhaustive workout, you can set yourself up for prolonged muscle soreness or stiffness, and this can affect your training (or your general comfort!) for days. Don’t want that, do we now? Needless to say, everyone’s head turned at the sight of two gorgeous ladies all soaked and sweaty!!!

No pain, soreness or discomfort of any kind this morning...feel strong, feel beautiful!