This morning’s run was phenomenal!!! I FEEL phenomenal! I had had loads of energy. I loaded up on carbs yesterday, went to bed at a decent time and the weekday runs definitely had a major part in today’s success.

Okay, so we (by now you should know that “we” is Sarah and I) arrived late, we began truckin’ at 5:45 a.m.! I must admit, Sarah and I are not the quickest runners on the team; we’re usually a few steps behind. Not today though, I was in a competitive spirit! In not so many words, I told Sarah that I was sick of looking at everyone’s behinds!!! Gotta give myself props for being the driving force! We skipped intervals, shortened water stops, ran fast, ran hard and were in the lead the whole way! On FIRE baby!!!! We ARE phenomenal!

Following our inspiring run, we had a birthday party for Gabriela, our honored teammate. She was not too thrilled at the beginning when we all gathered ‘round and made her pose for pictures, but by cake and present time, she was happily mugging for the camera. Please take a gander at the party pics under the Photos/Honored Teammates section.