July 26…the day communism took over Cuba and MY BIRTHDAY!!! I began my day with a 5:30 a.m., 6 mile run….what commitment!

How sweet is Sarah…she wrote me a poem:

My gift to you, a little poem inspired by the simplistic nature of running but coursing with the complicated emotional undertones created by the intense accomplishment of succeeding in something as great as training for a Marathon with a true friend. Oh, also inspired by Dr. Seuss.

We Ran

We were already up so we ran
We ran and we ran and we ran
We talked and we ran
We walked then we ran
Cars honked and we ran
Some balked still we ran
Through rain or shine we ran
After a few glasses of wine we ran
We woke in the morn’ and we ran
We walked out the door and we ran
With wings on our feet we ran
In the gross summer heat we ran
We were tired and beat but we ran
I’m so glad we got to meet and that we ran!

Happy Birthday My Friend