If Sarah hadn’t called me this morning, nothing could have gotten me up at 4:30 a.m. to run 6 miles! Not even Michael Buble serenading me to “You and I”, well…maybe that’s the only other thing that would’ve gotten me up! I was just so mentally and physically drained! I played hooky Tuesday and Wednesday to prep for a final (kicked butt, btw, got a 90 on my exam!!!). Next week we’ll go back to running in the afternoons. Tonight is our Tequila Ranch Happy Hour….can’t miss that!

Last week’s long run was so awesome; we didn’t want to lose the momentum. Kicked major butt again this morning…we upped our intervals to 6:1 (6 minutes running, 1 minute speed walking), no huffing and puffing, we were able to maintain a conversation, and we shaved 15 minutes off the 6 miles! At this rate, we expect to complete that marathon in less than 5 hours! Sweet!

Saturday morning…5:15 a.m…14 miles…matching green diaper running shorts (yeah, Sarah and I are going grade school and have planned to wear matching outfits!!!)…BRING IT ON!!!