14 miles, this is how it went: Sarah and I had a fantastic start. The first four miles were easy breezy. Felt super energized and were in the lead. When we arrived at Fuel Station #1, Sarah began complaining about her elastic shoelace. They tighten with a plastic lock and apparently she tightened them so much that the lock was jamming into her foot, making it extremely uncomfortable to run. Coach Gus loosened them up a bit and sent us packin’! While on the Rickenbacker, Sarah stepped on a beer bottle. A piece of glass flew and punctured my hamstring! OUCH!!! It was miniscule, but it stung like a bee! At this point, not only was Sarah’s foot in pain, but her hamstring began to feel tight. We stopped at the end of the bridge for a quick stretch and continued truckin’. We made it to Kennedy Park where we ran into Coach Laine (our original coach – see Training 06/11/05 pic #2). We stopped for hugs and kisses and caught up on our progress. By this time, Sarah couldn’t bear the pain anymore…her foot was bruised and swollen, but my girl’s a trooper, she toughed it out! On we went through the Grove to Fuel Station #3, where Coach Jo had munchies and refreshments for us. My appetite has now gone from healthy to MAMMOTH!!! I ate two oranges, a handful of pretzels and 4 watermelon wedges. Whoa! A lot to down in 5 minutes, don’t you think?! Anyway, I decided this was a good time to begin weaning myself off my calf supports. At the Tequila Ranch fundraiser, I commented to Dr. Felton how soooo unattractive they are….lol….he said I didn’t have to wear them anymore.

So, on we go again…Sarah was in complete and utter misery and I was my usual peppy, goofy self. I kept making nugatory comments and conversation like, “Hey Sarah, How many lizards do you think we’ve stepped on today?” and “You know, Michael Buble worked as a fisherman for 6 years before he became a crooner”… he he…I think I began to annoy her! Sarah and I, we’re very much alike! Usually, she’d be making the same ineffectual comments right along with me. We stand out!!! Coach Jo calls us the team’s “Comedy Relief”!!! lol…we’re pretty darn funny!!!! Ok, Ok, sorry to digress. On our way back home, Sarah’s hamstring began cramping up. She stretched on the sidewalk and attempted to run again, but it was just not happening! I asked if she wanted me to call Jo to pick us up, but nope, she was still determined to walk. We later concluded her cramping was due to lack of potassium…a banana a day keeps the cramp away!

So, there you go. That’s how it went. Yes, I was disappointed, very disappointed. I could have gone the last 3 miles, but as I learned from the Disney “Lilo and Stitch” movie, “Ohana”. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten”. My team is my second family. I know if it was I that was in excruciating pain, Sarah would’ve given me a piggy back ride home…