Today we had intended to run at 5 a.m. Didn’t happen…Sarah called to say she was too tired. So to the Nike Club it was. In our usual manner, we arrived late. We did see the group run past us as we put on our fuel belts, so I guess you can say we were on time in spirit. We spotted a few hotties, btw. They lead the pack...guess that’s why we never see them. Hey there’s an incentive to make it in a timely fashion!

Afternoon runs are always more difficult for me as I am tired from the day…and of course our lovely weather is not very runner friendly. Sarah’s foot was still sore, but bearable. We went on chatting and keeping our eyes open for the cuties we spotted earlier. We finally did see them around mile 3 as they headed back to NikeTown…he, he…I got all giddy when one of them winked at me!

We continued down 57th avenue and spotted Su-Nui, Mary and Christine, some of our teammates. We cheered them on and kept going. Made it to turnaround point and decided to run on the other side of the street. Bad idea! Many of the tree roots have caused the pavement to lift and there were many fallen branches. Clumsy me! I stubbed my runner’s toe – remember that? It’s when the nail is either pressed down too much on the bed or the nail tears from the bed itself and after a few months the nail will grow out and fall off. Well, OUCH!!!! It felt like it had torn! I immediately removed my shoe to see the extent of the damage. I have been taking such good care of it... thoroughly drying it with the hairdryer, applying antibiotic ointment before bed and being extremely careful not to get stepped on. To my relief it was still very much attached, but it bled on the inside… so now it’s my “black” toe. Very gross!….and I can’t believe a few of you have asked me to post a picture of it! Uh uh….I am not about to subject myself to mockery!

Finally done. We made it back and managed to grab the last of the cantaloupe. We logged our info and noticed that we had only covered 4 miles! =( We didn’t study the map correctly. Well…it was sumtin!