Sarah met up with me at work to go for our 6 miles this afternoon. We had incredible enthusiasm as we were still disappointed from the Nike run. We began at CCL and headed down towards my house. Sarah suggested not turning down 107th avenue, but instead running the mile or so up to Curves to visit Jessie, Sarah’s REAL best friend!

We said our hellos. Used the little girl’s room, sprayed on some Secret (because it was no secret that we stunk) and headed back out to brave the pavement and humidity. Don’t know if we stopped for too long and lost momentum, or that we didn’t eat power bars before the run, but the way back was endless. We were both struggling and belching. Actually, we belch all the time. So much that we don’t excuse ourselves anymore….it just takes too much energy. We figure it’s nothing more than the air we suck on while we run. Anyway, one mile to go and I ran out of water. We stopped at LA Fitness to fill up our bottles and have a gander at the scenery, not much to look at I’m afraid.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity and a day, we were back at Carnival. It was a tough run, but we’ve had worse.