Coach Gus gave us a break today…only 10 miles! I know, ONLY 10! Never thought I’d say that! We even got to sleep in until 4:30, sweet eh?

So off we go, looking cute as usual. Quite uneventful compared to previous group trainings. No tight laces, no cramps, no shards of glass jumping up to cut anyone. Then around mile two, Coach Gus decided this would be a good time to work on our speed by sprinting during the last minute of our run interval. Oh yeah, I can do this! I’m strong! I’m beautiful! So now we’re sprinting with Coach Gus, and avid runner and tri athlete, I kept up, but I must admit that I was wheezing during the one minute walk interval, I sounded like a cat trying to get rid of a giant hairball! Just when you think you’re in awesome great shape, there’s your coach to knock you down to earth! After a few more intervals we began to feel confident again. We completed the run in 1hour and 40 minutes…those are ten minute miles ladies and gents!

Okay, so Sarah and I kinda had a breakfast date (Funny eh? We both go on dates together…we’re like conjoined twins!) after practice. I brought my toiletries to bathe in the public shower. We just looooove calling attention to ourselves…it was too friggin funny! Art had a field day as he photographed us. Did I mention that I ran into - and bathed - with a fellow Carnival employee (whose name will remain anonymous) who sported a red Speedo?!?! Ha, ha...In his defense, he was training for a triathlon, hence the Speedos!