Holy REALITY CHECK Batman!!!

Sarah went on a rendezvous in Texas this weekend leaving me all alone to fend for myself….=( I had a really, really tough time finding my pace and controlling my breathing, so much that I had recurring pain in my diaphragm! Ay yay yay! Usually I have the energy and enthusiasm of an eight year old, but today I was dragging myself through Key Biscayne! (Okay, so I drank and partied a little tooo much last weekend – I’M GUILTY!!!) so it dawned on me, I have become dependant of Sarah…and by the same token I’m sure she’s become dependant of me. It’s so much easier to have someone to be in sync with, to push off of….I am sooo disappointed in myself. For those of you who might have something to comment about this...I don’t want to hear it. Actually, I don’t NEED to hear it, so please, keep your comments to yourself, thank you very much!

Sarah is moving back to Tucson in November =( After three years in Miami, she’s decided it’s time to go back to purple mountains and cactuses….I have signed up for the Disney Marathon in January. Now, how the heck am I going to train for this solo???? Well, in my buddy MoTo’s immortal words, “Dale que tu puedes!!!”. Let’s see how I wing this one!